EPG training courses

Five training courses have been organised by the EPG partners, in Autumn 2013. The objectives of these courses were:

  • To raise awareness of the project and highlight the Grid’s added-value for teacher’s professional development;
  • To train the participants to use the Grid and its electronic version;
  • To help the participants to implement the Grid in their institutions and networks.

Training course were held in the following countries, and in the national language of the organising institution:

  • In Bulgaria on 11 October 2013 (to find out more, click here);
  • In France on 13 September 2013 (to find out more, click here);
  • In Germany on 16 September 2013 (to find out more, click here);
  • In Spain on 4 October 2013 (to find out more, click here);
  • In the UK on 15 October 2013 (to find out more, click here).

EPG seminars


Over the last two years the European Profiling Grid project, co-financed by the European Commission, has worked to create an innovative tool to improve the quality of language training in Europe. This instrument, the European Profiling Grid (EPG), is a practical tool for mapping and assessing language teacher competencies internationally.

The final seminar took place in October 2013, in the beautiful former Sèvres Porcelain Works on the outskirts of Paris, and aimed to discover more about the EPG and how it could be implemented in different teaching context.

The objectives

The seminar enabled:

  • to learn more about the EPG project, its context and its main results;
  • to find out about the final version of the European Profiling Grid (9 linguistic versions);
  • to discuss the specific uses of the European Profiling Grid with participants from all over Europe.

Target group

  • Language school managers or director of studies
  • Language teacher trainers
  • Members of organisations involved in language learning and teaching
  • Education professionals actively involved in promoting mobility


  • Interpretation was available in French and English during the plenary sessions.
  • Workshops were be held in both French and English.


Download the programme in English / in French

Practical and financial information

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The EPG Valorisation seminar took place on November 8th, 2012, at the Goethe Institut in Munich (Germany).

70 participants, from 16 European countries, gathered to explore issues related to the European Profiling Grid.

Presentations (in English): click here.

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Final seminar | Online evaluation form

You are attending the EPG final seminar ?

Please take a minute to answer the following questions about the seminar.

5th issue of the EPG newsletter

The last issue of the EPG Newsletter is now available online. Please take a look if you are interested in finding out more about the final seminar and the training courses. We hope you enjoy reading it!

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Final seminar | Registration closing soon

A few places remain for the final seminar of the EPG project! Click on the link below for an opportunity to know more about EPG and its possibilities, and to be among the first to discover the digital interactive version of the profiling grid.


Download the programme : in English / in French

Deadline: 9 October 2013