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Webinar | 18 November 2013

A webinar on the European Profiling Grid and e-Grid is taking place on Monday 18 November at 12.30 CET/11.30 GMT.

The webinar will be in English and is aimed at participants who are not yet familiar with the Grid.

Participation is free so do not hesitate to join !

Further details can be found at :http://englishagenda.britishcouncil.org/webinars

EPG final seminar | Results

On 21-22 October, 60 participants coming from all parts of Europe gathered together in Sèvres (France) for the flagship event of the EPG project: the final seminar.

Outcomes of a fruitful two year collaboration between eleven European institutions, the EPG, the e-Grid – its interactive tool- and its user guide have been presented through twelve training courses, steered by the partners.

Discover here the firsts pictures of the event.

The European Profiling Grid is now available on the internet! Access the eGrid, EPG’s interactive webtool on the main page of our website or simply by clicking on this link.