EPG training courses

Five training courses have been organised by the EPG partners, in Autumn 2013. The objectives of these courses were:

  • To raise awareness of the project and highlight the Grid’s added-value for teacher’s professional development;
  • To train the participants to use the Grid and its electronic version;
  • To help the participants to implement the Grid in their institutions and networks.

Training course were held in the following countries, and in the national language of the organising institution:

  • In Bulgaria on 11 October 2013 (to find out more, click here);
  • In France on 13 September 2013 (to find out more, click here);
  • In Germany on 16 September 2013 (to find out more, click here);
  • In Spain on 4 October 2013 (to find out more, click here);
  • In the UK on 15 October 2013 (to find out more, click here).

2 thoughts on “EPG training courses

  1. We’re extremely interested in this project as we function as an online platform providing tuition to students going abroad within our university network and rely for free delivery of the courses on teachers from our member universities but also trainees. We are presently wishing to address the issue of standards and quality control which is rather difficult across countries for teachers of a same language. The tool you are developing will be a useful tool for us and we are interested in participating in a training session.

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