BAQLS OPTIMA was set up in 2000 as a non-profit, independent organisation to introduce and maintain European quality standards in foreign language institutions, as part of a project run by the British Council, Bulgaria. It became an EAQUALS associate member in 2001. At present OPTIMA has 25 member organisations (over 6000 students and 600 teachers) which include private language centres and schools, and university language centres. A substantial part of Optima’s students learn a foreign language for business or other occupational purposes.
The activities of the Association include regular inspection and accreditation procedures of member institutions carried out every 3 years. Optima also organises biannual training seminars for teachers who teach languages for general and professional purposes. It also is engaged in numerous professional events intended for language specialists, and has participated in many projects (with the British Council and EAQUALS; in the framework of the LLP Grundtvig and Leonardo).

Role in EPG

The association coordinates the Development of contents work package. OPTIMA is co-author of the referential on which the EPG project is based.



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