Sabanci University (SU) is recognised as one of the most innovative and research-oriented universities in Turkey. Its research focus is on applied research with the objectives of advancing knowledge, supporting teaching and contributing to the progress of the wider community. Since its foundation in 1999 many national and international research projects have been initiated in cooperation with other institutions. Grants from the EC (FP6&7, LLP) constitute about 26% of the total grant budget of the university and total over €37.6 million.
With a total of 11 undergraduate, and 21 graduate programmes taught by 170 faculty members, the University offers a highly interdisciplinary education to approximately 2,739 undergraduate and 661 graduate students. As the language of education at SU is English, the School of Languages plays a key role in the university providing students with the necessary language competences (English, Turkish and second foreign languages) to complete their studies.

Role in EPG

The University of Sabanci is mainly taking part in dissemination work and in the field testing activities.


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