The University for Foreigners of Siena (USS) is a public institution with a special mandate for undertaking research and instruction in the fields of Italian language and culture. In addition to traditional courses in language and culture, offered in an innovative range of combinations, the USS awards a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and research doctorates.
The USS, with its long-standing experience in the fields of linguistics and language teaching, also provides training, refresher courses and advances courses for teachers of Italian as a foreign language, both in Siena and abroad. The DITALS research center of the USS, in particular, is devoted to assessing competence in teaching Italian as a foreign language and has awarded more than 4000 DITALS certificates in the past ten years.
Internationally, the USS works closely with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education. At both national and international levels, the USS promotes cultural links with other universities, cultural institutions and research bodies, collaborating with professionals in the areas of culture and scientific research abroad.

Role in EPG

The University is mainly taking part in dissemination work and in the field testing activities.



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